ASCOT's Preferred Partner Program

Welcome to the ASCOT Above Preferred Partnership program. We are beyond appreciative and thankful that you have decided to join our agency as a top tier partner. The goal of the ASCOT Above program is to give you as much internal visibility with our Agents, Independent Advisor's, Procurement team, Executive Management and ASCOT. As the leading, professional, experienced, and respected global entertainment and lifestyle travel management firm, we have earned the trust of some of the biggest names on the planet. In this program, you can and will receive the same respect too!

Program Benefits

  • Visibility Over Competitors
    • Extra visibility internally to agents. Hotel listed as "ASCOT Above" partner, color coded in our vendor portfolio and given priority when sourcing
  • Access to our Offices & Staff Globally
    • Priority engagement with our agents and Independent Advisors through office visits, FAMs, Events, Dinners & Cocktail hours, ASCOT hosted events, Webinars and more
  • Access to all divisions and Senior Management
    • Opportunity to meet with ASCOT leadership, ownership and key stakeholders
  • Internal Marketing/Newsletter
    • Marketing distributed to all members of ASCOT Travel Services highlighting preferred partners and added to a designated ASCOT Above internal library
  • Social Media Spotlights
    • Partners featured on all social media and ASCOT Website

Two Options to engage with ASCOT

Tier 1: $0 participation fee, Minimum 15% Commission, Dynamic Discounted Rates off BAR, Effective through 31 Dec 2025

Tier 2: $500 participation Fee, Minimum 10% Commission, Dynamic Discounted Rates off BAR, Effective through 31 Dec 2024


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