Does the Tour Management Channel provide prepaid bookings? 

All Tour Manager channel bookings are guaranteed with a Virtual Credit Card (VCC), which can be used to prepay a reservation when the guarantee policy of the booking allows this.

Can I have different rates for different operators?

Yes. The list of individual tour operators is attached to the master agreement. Individual rates for these can be loaded.

When I get the monthly invoice from Preferred how do I reconcile transaction fees against Tour Manager bookings?

Tour Manager is a specific channel and listed as such within our hotel billing procedure.

What happens if I see a rate online that is lower than I offered, and I discover that it came through the Tour Manager Channel?

In the unlikely event that the package rate is being sold unbundled through this channel, please contact your Preferred Revenue Optimization Director.

Can I cancel this channel at any time?

The channel participation can be canceled with 90 days notice.

Do I offer I Prefer benefits to customers who stay with bookings made through the Tour Manager Channel?

At a hotels discretion, on the public Best Available rates attached to the channel when these are booked.