How long does it take to connect an account?

Every account has a different website with unique content needs – for rates, room types, and hotel descriptions. Once you’ve signed up for an account and agreed to the terms and conditions, allow at least 35 days for any new account connection.

Why are some key OTAs missing?

While we connect with many large global OTAs, we currently only offer unique contracts for these leisure accounts. Preferred Travel Group will continue to work with tour operators, wholesalers, and OTAs to broaden this reach. If you are interested in an account not listed here, please contact your Hotel Revenue Optimization Director at Preferred Travel Group.

What is my turnaround time?

Visit PreferredNet to find the chart with turnaround times for varied services.

Can I participate in any of these programs managed by Preferred?

Some programs have limited opportunities based on the number of hotels already enrolled or the geographic location they serve. When you submit your request, Preferred or the account will contact you directly if there is a limitation in place that prevents your acceptance at this time.