PROTOOL: Negotiated Leisure Connectivity Accounts



Preferred Travel Group works with global leisure accounts connected with our Central Reservations System (CRS) to broaden your hotel’s reach. We’ve negotiated an exclusive rate with dozens of local and regional accounts on your behalf to give your property exposure to millions of travel buyers. This automated solution gives you the flexibility to enact distinct rate strategies for each channel via the CRS.


Preferred Negotiated Leisure Connectivity Accounts are automatically connected via the CRS. By agreeing to the better-than-retail terms offered to you on behalf of Preferred Travel Group you can broaden your reach to wholesalers and tour operators across the world. Examples include:


Delta Vacations. This B2C tour operator offers a margin of 15% off Best Available Rate (BAR) for room only and 20-25% off BAR for packaged rates.


VacayHome Connect. This distributor is now selling both residential and hotel inventory across the alternative accommodation marketplace, offering from 10-13% off BAR.


Preferred has nearly 20 active accounts offering a disparate, broad global reach. Visit PreferredNet to find the latest list of Leisure Accounts.


If you’ve decided to sign up for an account or need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to your nearest Preferred Leisure Sales Manager.


Broaden your global reach. Reduce reliance on room allocations by offering global, regional, and local booking sites access to rates and inventory.


Cost effective. Take advantage of the reduced distribution fees through the negotiated agreement by Preferred Travel Group for your benefit.


Efficiency in channel management. Simplify availability, rate, and inventory (ARI) updates and avoid updating multiple extranets. This also ensures data accuracy through quick and easy management.


There are no set up fees.

Transaction fees are based on your contracted pricing with Preferred Travel Group for the distribution channel identified. Contact your Hotel Revenue Optimization Director at Preferred Travel Group for more details.


How long does it take to connect an account?

Every account has a different website with unique content needs – for rates, room types, and hotel descriptions. Once you’ve signed up for an account and agreed to the terms and conditions, allow at least 35 days for any new account connection.

Why are some key OTAs missing?

While we connect with many large global OTAs, we currently only offer unique contracts for these leisure accounts. Preferred Travel Group will continue to work with tour operators, wholesalers, and OTAs to broaden this reach. If you are interested in an account not listed here, please contact your Hotel Revenue Optimization Director at Preferred Travel Group.

What is my turnaround time?

Visit PreferredNet to find the chart with turnaround times for varied services.

Can I participate in any of these programs managed by Preferred?

Some programs have limited opportunities based on the number of hotels already enrolled or the geographic location they serve. When you submit your request, Preferred or the account will contact you directly if there is a limitation in place that prevents your acceptance at this time.


Sign up through the Cvent/Lanyon RFP tool for individual account participation, or contact to get started.

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