Our Competitive Intelligence Rate Shopping tools crawl thousands of channels and offer the following support and services:
• Rate Intelligence Rate Shopper — real-time and adjustable across rate type (including member rates), length of stay, guests, and room size
• Live rate parity (brand + OTA + Meta + GDS)
• Demand forecast
• Holiday & event calendar
• Rank and review reports (future and historical)
• Dynamic reporting — instant, adjustable functionality
• Integrated with leading industry Revenue Management Systems


OTA Insight Key Differentiators
• Live rate parity (brand + OTA + Meta + GDS) — drills directly into a parity issue from the application
• 14-day no obligation, free trial period
• Set up within 48 hours; personalized training seminar, user manual, live online chat

Rate360 by Amadeus Hospitality Key Differentiators
• GDS at no additional fee
• Integrates with other Amadeus Hospitality tools, such as Demand360
• Bundled discounts available with other Amadeus Hospitality subscriptions