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Competitive Rate Shopping tools monitor and compare your rates with those of your competitors.
Robust reports monitor the future booking horizon to evaluate price positioning across multiple
channels: hotel and brand websites, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Metasearch sites, and scores
of online travel agencies.

This productivity tool provides competitive market intelligence to help in the pricing and channel
management process. Preferred Hotels & Resorts has partnered with industry leading OTA Insight
and Rate360 by TravelClick to deliver this tool.


Our Competitive Intelligence Rate Shopping tools crawl thousands of channels and offers the following support
and services

• Rate Intelligence Rate Shopper — real-time and adjustable across rate type (including member rates), length of stay, guests, and room size
• Live rate parity (brand + OTA + Meta + GDS)
• Demand forecast
• Holiday & event calendar
• Rank and review reports (future and historical)
• Dynamic reporting — instant, adjustable functionality
• Integrated with leading industry Revenue Management Systems

OTA Insight Key Differentiators
• Live rate parity (brand + OTA + Meta + GDS) — drills directly into a parity issue from the application
• 14-day no obligation, free trial period
• Set up within 48 hours; personalized training seminar, user manual, live online chat

Rate360 by TravelClick Key Differentiators
• GDS at no additional fee
• Integrates with other TravelClick BI tools, such as Demand360
• Bundled discounts available with other TravelClick BI subscriptions


Intuitive dashboard interface
Get all the information you need in real-time, on one simple online dashboard

Rate intelligence
Get instant access to future and historic rates for you and your competitors

Rate parity
Track where you are losing valuable revenue

Demand forecast
Get in-depth insights on your performance versus your competitive set and market demand

Ranking and review analytics
Track and measure your average ranking and review score for future arrival dates


Infrastructure Cost: None
OTA Insight Monthly rates: start at £60, €75, US$95 for Gold Level
Rate360 Rates: based on volume of shopping — ask for a quote. Preferred Hotels & Resorts member hotels receive an exclusive 30% discount on fees. 

*Fees are subject to change


OTA Insight
Visit otainsight.com
To sign up, contact Thierry Collard at Thierry@OTAInsight.com or phone +31 (0) 85 208 08 75, and ask for the Preferred Hotels & Resorts exclusive discount.

Rate360 by TravelClick BI
Visit travelclick.com/rate360.html
To sign up, contact your Preferred Hotels & Resorts Director of Revenue Account Management.

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