PH&R Entertainment Rate Program - NET

The Preferred Hotels & Resorts Entertainment Rate Program - NET is designed to target business from entertainment clients who require discounted entertainment net, non-commissionable rates.

There is no participation cost to join the program. Our team of entertainment specialists will be working to secure this business and support servicing the clientele. A 5% transaction fee will be assessed on each confirmed booking.

This is a Preferred Hotels & Resorts invitation-only program offered to targeted entertainment accounts/studios or direct entertainment clients not using a travel agency, which require net/non-commissionable rates. We have developed this program to be more competitive against other brands within the entertainment market to bring more entertainment business to participating member hotels.

This will enable hotels to compete effectively for entertainment business by offering desired rates many entertainment companies already seek. By having this rate available for the Preferred Hotels & Resorts entertainment global sales team to quote on your behalf, this will streamline the booking process and will minimize the need for email exchanges on high touch bookings less than 9 rooms. Hotels that agree to offer entertainment rates will be seen by the clients as “entertainment friendly” properties, therefore increasing exposure with this highly valuable market segment.

This rate is closed to the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Voice Agent Channel and will not be loaded on the GDS or any public facing channel.


Other Key Requirements:

• Two-year program. Rates will be available from time of RFP acceptance for 2024/2025 season, through December 31, 2025.
• Dynamic rate of minimum 20% off BAR, net non-commissionable rates required (an entertainment market specialist will be in touch with your property to determine the appropriate rate offer based on your market location and local competition)
• Maximum 48 hour cancellation policy (24 hour cancellation is recommended)
• Rate must be loaded for all room types including suites (this allows the entertainment specialists to quote for talent or A Party bookings)
• Up to 45 blackout dates annually
• Hotels must agree to adhere to riders and advance details that are provided by the client. In some instances, this requires the hotel to provide some in room amenities on a complimentary basis. If a hotel cannot provide rider items on a complimentary basis, the 2 hotel must communicate this to the client and Preferred GSO upon receipt of the booking (this will be sent via email by the Preferred GSO at the time of booking)
• Comp Wi-Fi included in the rates
• Rate plan is eligible for I Prefer points
• Upgrades based on availability for talent/artists, tour managers, or key VIPs
• Entertainment rates must always be lower than any publicly visible rates. Your entertainment rate offer should reflect this and can be yielded to a higher percentage off BAR during need periods, as long as the minimum threshold is met

Terms and Conditions