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How do I know how my hotel is doing?
The IQA Consumer Review Dashboard includes a Guest Satisfaction Meter and Pulse Score that indicates the cumulative score from all online reviews and/or social media comments. Your comp set is also featured, so it is possible to compare results for specific areas, time periods, and key words using a filtering device.

Who should use the Consumer Review Dashboard at my hotel?
Access to the Consumer Review Dashboard should be controlled at a senior level, but because the IQA program is designed to help management maintain and improve customer satisfaction, you may wish to provide access to key department heads in Rooms, Food & Beverage, Maintenance, as well as to a Social Media or Marketing Manager who is responsible for responding to posted comments and engaging with current and potential guests.

What if I want to respond to a review or comment?
Where it is allowed by the site, you may post a response to written reviews directly from the IQA Consumer Review Dashboard. It is also possible to respond directly to a comment made on social media sites if your hotel maintains a presence on these sites and links them to the dashboard.

Can this tool help me to market my hotel to consumers?
Through IQA, you will be able to respond in a timely manner to situations that could impact business, determine your ranking among your competitors, identify consumer needs and expectations, and as a result, take advantage of new media, develop targeted campaigns, and create revenue generating opportunities.