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Integrated Quality Assurance (IQA) is Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ custom quality assurance
program that includes a platform for your team to view and respond to consumer reviews and
comments posted on online channels such as Expedia, Travelocity,, and Trip Advisor, as
well as social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, and Four Square, where many
comments are made about hotels and hotel-related travel.

Skillful management of customer feedback is critical to a hotel’s success. Bad testimonials
in blogs and negative comments in popular online forums, as well as scams and false users, can
potentially put your hotel’s reputation in distress. Meanwhile, positive comments can be used by
your management to recognize team members who are going above and beyond to provide the best
possible guest experience.


ReviewPro powers this custom tool, which collects ratings and scores from 200+ global consumer review channels and top social media platforms and quantifies the commentary using “sentiment analysis.” These scores, for subscribers and up to six hotels in their competitive set, are displayed on the easy-to-use, customizable IQA Consumer Review Dashboard.

Scores and responses from the most robust sites are delivered to the dashboard in real time allowing users to take immediate action and provide timely responses to consumer comments. Additionally, subscribers can set up custom reports and alerts that provide notifications when a significant review or comment is posted.


• 24/7 access to online reviews and social commentary
• Ability to filter scores and reviews by key words, specific service areas, time periods, and online channels
• Analyze consumer scores and reviews for your competitive set
• Manage and respond to reviews directly through the dashboard
• Set alerts for low or high review scores
• Create and share reports with team members for review and action


Complimentary with your Preferred Hotels & Resorts membership, as part of Quality Assurance fee

Complete a PRS Form, available on PreferredNet to initiate setup


How do I know how my hotel is doing?
The IQA Consumer Review Dashboard includes a Guest Satisfaction Meter and Pulse Score that indicates the cumulative score from all online reviews and/or social media comments. Your comp set is also featured, so it is possible to compare results for specific areas, time periods, and key words using a filtering device.

Who should use the Consumer Review Dashboard at my hotel?
Access to the Consumer Review Dashboard should be controlled at a senior level, but because the IQA program is designed to help management maintain and improve customer satisfaction, you may wish to provide access to key department heads in Rooms, Food & Beverage, Maintenance, as well as to a Social Media or Marketing Manager who is responsible for responding to posted comments and engaging with current and potential guests.

What if I want to respond to a review or comment?
Where it is allowed by the site, you may post a response to written reviews directly from the IQA Consumer Review Dashboard. It is also possible to respond directly to a comment made on social media sites if your hotel maintains a presence on these sites and links them to the dashboard.

Can this tool help me to market my hotel to consumers?
Through IQA, you will be able to respond in a timely manner to situations that could impact business, determine your ranking among your competitors, identify consumer needs and expectations, and as a result, take advantage of new media, develop targeted campaigns, and create revenue generating opportunities.


Please contact your Preferred Hotels & Resorts Director of Revenue Account Management for more information or email

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