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When you use the SynXis booking engine on your website, credit card information is passed to
the hotel to validate the number, but it is also possible to verify the card’s authenticity — and even
accept a deposit or full prepayment — at the time of booking using a Payment Gateway. This service
checks the credit card when entered online and only allows the booking to proceed once validated.
There are several Payment Gateways around the world such as Adyen, Ingenico, WorldPay and
RedDot that qualify. We can fit you with the right provider for your region.


Payment Gateways can provide real-time validation by:
• Checking the credit card to ensure it is authentic by authorizing either a zero or $1.00 transaction, depending on the provider
• Accepting a deposit based on the hotel’s deposit policy at the time of booking — even with varied policies


Verifies a guest is in good standing by checking that the card is usable when the guest arrives
Increases security by taking the deposit prior to arrival and sending regular interbank money transfers to your hotel, without having to send credit card details via an interface to the hotel
Reduces fraudulent bookings because the card must be valid at the time of booking
Allows flexibility for validation and/or deposits based on the hotel’s desired set up


One-time setup fee: US$500 €450 £375
Monthly fee: US$45 €40 £30

* Additional fees may apply from the Gateway provider. Please check with them to understand their pricing prior to


Does the Payment Gateway work with my current credit card processor and bank?
Possibly. As you proceed with the Payment Gateway be sure to ask – you may have to work with different providers based on their current agreements.

What if I only want to authorize cards and not take deposits, can I do that?
Yes. The setup is either/or, and can be arranged in the set up.

Why doesn’t the CRS verify the card?
The SynXis CRS passes information to your PMS, and while it can validate the number, it is unable to authenticate it without communicating with a bank — hence the purpose for the Payment Gateway for your Booking Engine. Remember that many distribution channels feed into the CRS, such as the GDS and many OTAs, which may or may not have an authentication process.


Please contact your Preferred Hotels & Resorts Director of Revenue Account Management for more information.

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