Our PMS, RMS, and CMS Interface tools offer multiple options for managing a single image inventory including the following options:

PMS One-Way Interface
Allows for reservations to be passed seamlessly from the CRS to the PMS

PMS Two-Way Interface
Additionally allows for PMS updates of rates, inventory, and availability — along with other data options — to transfer from the PMS back to CRS

PMS Two-Way Enhanced Interface
Allows for a complete synchronization of all guest records in addition to the above in the CRS, Voice Agent, as well as PMS — the best choice for hotels using call gating services with frequent customer contact

RMS Interface
Offers standard revenue management controls such as rate hurdles and best available rate implemented automatically – through Revenue Management Systems and technology partners including pre-built interfaces with IDeaS, EasyRMS, Active Metrics, and Scignus

CMS Interface
When using an external channel manager, the CRS can interface with this to ensure frequent updates of rates and inventory; in many instances, this also includes reservation delivery from the OTA to the PMS via the CRS