What if I want a simple modification that is not included in the initial setup for the SBE?
Hoteliers now have access to the BE Designer to make the updates directly to the Booking Engine. If PHR Support is needed, fees starting at $125/hr. would apply.

Can tracking be implemented on the Booking Engine?
Yes. Tracking can be implemented on the Booking Engine simply by pasting the code into the “General Tracking Hooks” area of the BE Designer. Hoteliers and/or third party web agencies will be able to update this area of the system directly. To ensure efficient implementation and accurate analytics, it is recommended by Sabre to use a GTM (Google Tag Manager) for all tracking campaigns. Information can be found here.

I thought that you offered complimentary Booking Engine customizations?
We do! Your hotel is initially customized to include your logo, hero image, a color choice, and footer navigation.