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Our Hotel Booking Engine utilizes the best in class Synxis Booking Engine technology — with the capability to upgrade to new versions when available, as well as offering continual enhancements to improve design, functionality, and end-user experience. Backed by Synxis’ 24/7 team as well as Preferred Hotels & Resorts — there are no time outs or errors.

The product can be fully customized to match any hotel or resort’s designs, stylization, fonts, and logos.

The Hotel Booking Engine has no fee other than enhanced customization options; transaction fees apply for any booking made through the booking engine.


Our Hotel Booking engine and enhancements can be utilized and launched with one of three styles:

Basic provides the standard shell with customization to include hotel logo on the header, footer navigation, email confirmations, and tracking implementation.

Enhanced offers additional customization at a fee to include transparent background, custom fonts, widget/pixel implementation, calendar design, room videos, and multiple languages.

*Multi-language support of navigational elements in the header/footer as taken directly from the hotel site or as provided by the hotel.  Preferred Hotels & Resorts does not offer translation services.

Distinguished allows for properties desiring a highly customized booking engine at a fee for features such as non-standard layouts, room groups, multiple templates, modified booking forms, and JavaScript.


Competitive pricing
Leading edge technology and platform with pricing that matches most any other competitive tool in the marketplace

Full integration and support for custom features such as iPrefer Hotel Rewards integration
Other third party vendors cannot offer the same support using an API

Customizable design types and styling
Complete customization options to match logos, fonts, all color schemes, and layouts

Supported by dedicated Preferred Revenue Account Management team
Full support and best practice knowledge on function and usage from the Preferred Revenue Management team


Basic: No charge
Enhanced: All Basic items, plus a one-time $250 fee
Distinguished: All Basic and Enhanced items, $125/hr with a minimum of four hours

*Transaction fees apply. Please refer to your Regional Director for more information.


What if I want a simple modification instead of a full package?
We can do a single item for a one-time charge of $125, as long as it takes less than one hour.

How long is the customization supported?
All customization is supported for two weeks after implementation. Any requests or changes after two weeks would be considered a new request.

Do you do tracking?
Yes. Tracking is offered as a complimentary service if simply pasted into your Booking Engine. However, if you need this edited and audited, we offer this for $100 for a batch of requests received at a single time. This is supported for one week.

I thought that you offered complimentary Booking Engine customizations?

We do! Your hotel is always customized to include your logo, a color choice, footer navigation, and tracking.

Do you support the “Flex” template for customization?

Yes, but only for an Enhanced or Distinguished package for a $500 support fee.

What is the cost to have a Responsive design?

If you do not have a responsive Booking Engine, we can upgrade your Booking Engine to Responsive for $599. Included in this are any other design changes you wish within a 4-hour design time frame.


Visit for a live demo and more details on the customization offers.

PreferredNet has even more details, including redirect URL generators, Google Analytics implementation, service levels and more.  Visit the detailed booking engine pages for more information.

Contact with your request and receive a custom quote and order form, or please contact your Preferred Hotels & Resorts Director of Revenue Account Manager for more information.

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