Retailing Insights is an online reporting tool created specifically for hoteliers to monitor and measure their digital marketing and booking engine performance to accurately plan initiatives and understand conversions. It effectively monitors all aspects of digital marketing to determine an actual return on investment and conversion ratio for every online marketing action, so the hotelier can make calculated and strategic decisions on how to spend future marketing dollars.

SynXis Performing Insights (PI) is a web-based analytical tool that enables hoteliers, especially Revenue Managers, to quickly analyze their past and future hotel reservations. With intuitive reporting and visualizations, SynXis PI powers reservation analysis across date ranges, 10+ dimensions, and a variety of metrics. This helps hotel Executives and Business Managers to understand the "hits" and the "duds" of their revenue management strategy and adapt quickly.

Agency360, the only comprehensive database of agency bookings on the market, has the data you need to increase bookings, shift share, and improve performance. With past and future bookings for your hotel and competitive set tracked over time, hoteliers can craft powerful travel agent strategies with data filtered by agency, consortia, and competitive set receiving easily actionable performance summaries.

Demand360 is the most comprehensive forward-looking product in the hospitality space. See the complete picture of all booking channels, from Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) to Online Travel Agents (OTAs), to brand websites and hotel direct reservations. This exclusive information is used to develop strategies that maximize RevPAR, to reconsider pricing and positioning for underperforming segments, and to drive business to higher-rated segments and lower-cost channels. 

STR (STAR Competitive Performance Reports) is the source for premium global data benchmarking, analytics, and marketplace insights. The data in the STR is confidential, reliable, accurate, and actionable by sharing the hotel’s own performance in relation to its hand-picked competitive set by month/week/day for the last 18 months in all key metrics including growth indices. Such marketplace insights are built to fuel growth and help make better business decisions.

The Hotels Network is a simple yet powerful widget that validates to visitors the rate you are offering is the best rate available compared to OTA’s and other websites. You can also showcase any additional benefits of booking direct, such as a welcome drink or late check-out, and you can also fight real-time disparities by presenting users with a Price Match offer. Additional options allow hotels to attract, engage and convert visitors throughout the online booking journey by using predictive personalization to offer each guest a unique user experience. To measure performance of your direct channel, BenchDirect allows you to compare your hotel's performance across more than 30 key metrics centered around web traffic and bookings to future demand and user behavior.