Competitive Pricing
• Exclusive discounts are available only for members of Preferred Travel Group

Retailing Insights
• Better understand conversion of digital marketing initiatives, trends, successes, and opportunities
• Competitive set and benchmarking capabilities to gain market insights
• Executive overview of booking engine performance to forecast across portfolio
• Complements Google Analytics by including additional metrics specific to hospitality industry

Performance Insights
• High-Fidelity Analytics: Instantly drill down to the rate-code level or summarize at region/brand/chain level
• Instant Data Consolidation: Access up-to-date, consolidated reservations data anytime without an expensive BI investment
• Ad Hoc Reporting: Build your custom analysis and dashboards

• View past and future bookings for your hotel and your competitive set, and track performance over time
• View comprehensive agency profiles. See travel agent names and contact information to target agencies booking your competitive set
• Access 100% of all travel agent bookings via the GDS, broken down by rate type, to compare corporate, consortia, and non-negotiated performance

• 365 day forward view of how your hotel and your competitive set are pacing by segment and acquisition channel
• Identify future need periods and create a strategy to impact these periods
• Keen understanding of your competitive set business mix to ensure you're making the most of your hotel's pricing strategy
• Distinct ability to see future group demand in your competitive set so you can quote groups with confidence

STAR Report
• See your property’s performance against the aggregated performance of your chosen set
• Ability to select up to four competitive sets
• Benchmarks available up to 18 months of historical occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR data
• Includes year-on-year percentage change, rank, and index

The Hotels Network
• See if OTAs are undercutting your rates in real time and match the price if you desire
• Real time shopping reduces shopping abandonment by showing the OTA price directly on your booking engine
• Create personalized messages and offers to convert direct bookings
• Increase direct channel conversion