How to Optimize Your I Prefer Member Rate Display

Here are some tips on how to optimize the display of your hotel’s Member Rate within the booking engine (SBE).

  1. Position it at the top of your rate list. By assigning the MKTIPM rate to I Prefer in Loyalty Program Rates Assignment within SynXis, it will sort to the top of available rates and notate it as a “Member Rate”.

  2. Call out “Free Cancellation” clearly. Select the FREECXL cancel policy in SynXis when building your Flexible Member Rate for a more visible presentation within the copy.

  3. Use a unique image to quickly catch Members’ attentions. Including the I Prefer logo in the image is a great way to help Members identify this as an exclusive rate for them.


Example A

SBE Member Rate Sample - Text Display


Example B

SBE Member Rate Sample - Icon Display