Member Rate: Exclusive Offer

About I Prefer Member Rates

The gated I Prefer Member Rate is the perfect way to drive demand, recency, and frequency using the marketing and promotions we run - at no cost to you - via our various I Prefer initiatives. The rate is a minimum discount of 3% off BAR and exclusively available to I Prefer Members. Use the Member Rate as a way to drive direct bookings and attract guests from across the I Prefer network.

Note that, per the contractual agreement, the I Prefer Member Rate must be the lowest available unrestricted rate offered publicly by the hotel online.

How to Implement the Standard I Prefer Member Rate

If you haven't already implemented the Member Rate, please contact us at and we will assist you with completing the steps to participate.

Please be aware that:

  • The Preferred Hotel Group Distribution Services department will load the I Prefer Member Rate as rate code MKTIPM. The rate will:

    • be derived from best available rate minus xx percentage off 

    • be for all room types that are attached to the hotel's best available rate

    • be available in the IBE, Mobile, Voice, and GDS channels

    • have initial availability equivalent to the hotel's best available rate

    • be made commissionable to Travel Agents with a valid IATA number, at a rate of 10%

  • The Hotel's Reservation and Revenue Management contacts will be notified upon completion of rate loading

    • Hotels can control rate, availability, and inventory at any time through the CRS once notified that the rate is active

  • EU/EEA Hotels are legally responsible for providing the translated Member Rate on the booking engine in their local language, if the language is supported in Synxis. This translation can be loaded in as follows:

    • If you have the language enabled prior to the time of rate loading, the Preferred Hotel Group Reservation Database Team will load in the translated copy for you

    • If you enable a language after the rate has been loaded, you can find the translated copy here to enter directly into the CRS

View our Frequently Asked Questions (below) or contact your Regional Director for more information.

How to Implement the Flexible Member Rate

With the shift in traveler expectations as an outcome of the global pandemic, we stand behind our promise to reward our loyal I Prefer Members with the flexibility they are seeking, along with the benefits, value, and recognition they expect. Based on the strong performance shown by the Flexible Member Rate since its launch in May 2020, we are pleased to offer the Flexible Member Rate indefinitely.

The Flexible Member Rate varies from the Standard Member Rate as follows:

  1. Set the discount at a minimum of 10% off BAR

  2. Rate to be fully cancellable with a credit card guarantee at the time of booking. The rate will display as “Member Rate-Flex Cancel - Flexible Member Only Rate starting at 10% off​” and your GDS description will read, “CANCEL ANYTIME-NO CXL FEE. CANCELS NEVER CHARGED.”

As always, the Member Rate (whether Flexible or Standard) can be revenue managed as your business requires.

The Flexible Member Rate will be communicated through various complimentary initiatives including, but not limited to:

  • Inclusion in our I Prefer new member "welcome" email stream

  • A dedicated page on our brand websites featuring participating hotels

  • Advertising to drive awareness and new program enrollments

  • Public Relations initiatives

To participate in the I Prefer Flexible Member Rate, send an email to to get started.

How to Optimize Your I Prefer Member Rate Display

Here are some tips on how to optimize the display of your hotel’s Member Rate within the booking engine channel.

*** IMPORTANT - These steps should be taken regardless of whether you utilize the Preferred sponsored IBE on your hotel website. The booking engine channel (SBE) also powers the Preferred Hotels brand websites and most of these settings below will also apply there.

  1. Position it at the top of your rate list. By assigning the MKTIPM rate to I Prefer in Loyalty Program Rates Assignment within SynXis, it will sort to the top of available rates and notate it as a “Member Rate”.

  2. Call out “Free Cancellation” clearly. Select the FREECXL cancel policy in SynXis when building your Flexible Member Rate for a more visible presentation within the copy.

  3. Use a unique image to quickly catch Members’ attentions. Including the I Prefer logo in the image is a great way to help Members identify this as an exclusive rate for them.



SBE Member Rate Sample - Text Display

I Prefer Member Rate FAQs

1. Is there a cost to participate? 

No, there is no cost to participate in the I Prefer Member Rate program.

2. Who can view and book this offer? 

I Prefer Member Rates are intended to be live and visible across the IBE, Voice, Mobile, and GDS channels; however, guests must be an I Prefer Member to book the rate and receive the discount.

3. What if a Non-Member books this rate? 

Non-members who book the rate will be enrolled into the program and sent an I Prefer account activation email. The account must receive active consent for guests to receive continued membership and marketing communications. If a guest does not have a Member ID at check-in, the hotel should enroll the guest prior to check-in; or if the reservation does not have an email address for the guest, the hotel should collect that information and create the member account upon arrival. 

If a guest declines or cancels their I Prefer membership prior to arrival, hotels have the ability to alter the booking to a Best Available Rate (“BAR”).

4. Can travel agents book an I Prefer Member Rate for their clients?

Yes, travel agents can book the I Prefer Member Rate on behalf of their clients. The I Prefer Member Rate is available on the GDS for select properties; travel agents may also book on the hotel's website directly or through Preferred Hotel Group's brand websites.

5. Are I Prefer Member Rates commissionable to Travel Agents?

Yes, I Prefer Member Rates are commissionable. In order to receive commission, Travel Agents need to add their IATA number to the booking.