Acquire Market Share

Acquire Market Share- Leisure Sales Best Practices



  • Create a one-page flyer which summarizes the USPs of your hotel as well as of your destination. Be sure to include yours and the Beyond Green, GDS codes, VIP desk email address, up to date imagery and that the document is not too wordy
  • Know your competition: when presenting the hotel to Travel buyers, focus on what makes your property stand out though story telling
  • Take advantage of agencies’ intranet site, website and social media marketing opportunities, which 90% of companies have and welcome. This is usually complimentary and allows your hotel to promote the negotiated rate, value-adds, etc. for one month or longer
  • Participate in the Preferred Travel Advisor Rate program (offering up to 35% off BAR for a max of 3 nights) to encourage Travel Designers to stay at your hotel, whilst travelling for pleasure. There is no better way to educate them on your product, service and destination than having them experiencing it all firsthand. Details of this initiative can be found in Lanyon or alternatively please contact for more information
  • Host familiarization trips whenever possible to help you strengthening your relationship with key buyers and to showcase your hotel and destination. Your Global Sales Team at Preferred Hotel Group can help you identify the best clients for your hotel to target



  • Participate in Beyond Green roadshows, tradeshows, and showcase events as appropriate for your hotel. These events will give you access to top agents in each regions. Our events calendar is released each July for the following year and can be found on The Green Room under “Events”, where you will also be able to register your participation.
  • It is important to travel to your key cities minimum 2x a year or more to be able to stay visible in the marketplace. For major metropolitan cities, please allow at least three months to set up calls.



Should your hotel be part of any Luxury Travel Organizations (LTO), such as Virtuoso, Signature, Ensemble or Serandipians , you should ensure that:

  • Your Sales Director’s contact details, imagery and product updates are up to date on their website and extranet
  • You should regularly crosscheck the LTO agency database and add any contacts you might be missing. These are usually available on the LTO’s website or extranet
  • Utilize the program’s intranet to find offices located in the area you are visiting