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Concierge Services from +$750

To make the RFP process even easier, a personal Preferred Hotels & Resorts Cvent Lanyon administrator is assigned to manage everything on your behalf including responding to bids and enforcing deadlines. It’s that simple.

**Please note, that the 2025 RFP season now applies an incremental fee for properties with over 50 bids processed. Additional details can be found in the attached enrollment form.

Rate Loading Services from +$750

Following the bid acceptance, our team of distribution experts will load rates directly into the SynXis CR Control Center on your behalf.  No account rate audits will be required. 

Tier fee pricing structure: Rate Loading Service $750 USD includes up to 25 accounts loaded. Each additional increment of 25 accounts will be billed an additional $350 USD.

Concierge + Rate Loading Services from +$1,500

A personal Preferred Hotels & Resorts Cvent Lanyon administrator to manage everything RFP related on your behalf, and the team of distribution experts to load and map accepted rates into SynXis on your behalf. 


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