Enrollment Bonus Promotion

(May 1 - June 30, 2024)


We have recently received requests from hundreds of hotels for a “Past Guest Invite” campaign; where hotels email their own database, inviting past guests to enroll in their loyalty program
(I Prefer). Upon seeing your eagerness, we are excited to announce this
Enrollment Bonus Promotion for all hotels!

Throughout the duration of this promotion, all new enrollments completed via your hotel's custom campaign enrollment URL will result in:

- 1k bonus points to new members (funded by I Prefer)

- enrollment credit + new member enrollments towards your hotel's annual enrollment goal


Click HERE to view full campaign details, best practices, and resources.


To retrieve your hotel's custom campaign enrollment URL, click HERE

Please Note: Be sure to grab your hotel's custom enrollment link, otherwise your hotel will not receive the credit for completed enrollments.


If you have any questions or need additional guidance in setting up your campaign, reach out to us at loyalty@iprefer.com