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JTB Business Travel is pleased to announce that JTBHotelsNext is the re-launch of the JTB Global Hotel Program designed to give our hotel partners even more access to JTB Business Travel Employees and Clients – both Travelers and Decision Makers. This new program gives you unprecedented access to the JTB Business Travel network that combines the buying power of North America, Europe and Asia Pacific (outside of Japan) along with the ability to customize benefits to enhance your participation in the program with a wide range of creative experiences designed to make JTBHotelsNext the perfect program for any hotel of any size.

The JTB Business Travel brand is part of JTB, a worldwide leader in travel, with a network of more than 508 locations in 143 cities and 39 countries. JTB Business Travel is an industry forerunner, leading the way in business travel by embracing new technologies, offering innovative services and creating superior travel experiences for companies and their employees. For more information visit - JTBBusinessTravel.com

Today, many JTB outbound offices worldwide are using the JTB Hotel Program Preferred rates to book hotel accommodations for both Corporate and Leisure clients. Our Corporate clients are not limited to established Japanese organizations, but also many well known international companies from different industries.

JTB was founded in 1912 in Japan. With over 100 years of Trust, Professionalism and Expertize, we are now the Asia leader in the global travel industry and one of the largest travel management companies in the world.



  • JTB Business Travel, part of JTB Americas, generates $575M in annual ARC volume.
  • JTB Americas is among the top 20 TMC’s as published by Travel Weekly.
  • To qualify you must have a minimum of $100 million in sales with 15% of the sales volume generated in the United States.
  • JTB Americas has 2300 employees and generates $1.3 billion in annual travel sales.
  • JTB Americas business mix is 43% Corporate, 42% Leisure and 15% Other.

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How To Work This Account:

2020 JTB Requirements

  • Rate validity - January 1 to December 31, 2020
  • Rate requirement - Dynamic rate in line with offering a minimum discount of 10% off BAR. Fixed rate requirement is 10% off BAR.
  • Rate parity - Rate must be equal to or less than rates provided to all other TMC’s, Mega Agencies and Consortia.
  • Commission -Must be commissionable at 10% domestic, 8% international.
  • Last room availability (LRA) required.
  • Welcome Message – “Welcome JTB Business Traveler” message provided at Check-in.


Standard Fee – US $495

Your hotel will be listed Globally on all booking channels (online & offline) for the calendar year. Additionally, you will have exclusive access to our “Connect Advantage” and “Premium Advantage” marketing options.

JTBHotelsNext 2020 Global Hotel Program invites your hotel(s) to submit an RFP for participation now through December 31, 2020 at a reduced fee of $250 per property. This offer is extended only to those hotels that have not previously submitted a bid for 2020.              


Marketing Opportunities:

  • Client “Mix & Mingle” Events
  • Client Webinars
  • Staff Webinars
  • Tele-messaging
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Banner Marketing
  • Supplier Summit


Late Submissions: Please contact Lenora Minassian with any questions at consortiasales@preferredhotels.com or dial +1 949 719 3345

*Participation fees will be invoiced directly by Preferred Hotel Group, Inc.