GBT Global Hotel Program (AMEX & HRG)

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With new global rate access codes, accessed by over 18,000 GBT employees worldwide, including all travel partner networks, and GBT-owned entities.

Why should you work with GBT?

  • Controlled program
  • Select number of hotels by city
  • Regular GDS audits
  • Enhanced preference
  • Exclusive media discount
  • Value guarantee
  • Diversity and reach of client segments

Client expectations of GBT

  • Deeper discounts
  • Same day cancellation
  • Safe guarded stays – around enhanced cleaning protocols and social distancing measures
  • Full access to all content in one channel

Additional Company Information:

How To Work This Account:

2021 GBT Global Hotel Program Requirements:

  • 15% off BAR - Required
  • All Participating Properties must offer GBT commissionable rates – minimum 10%
  • Wi-Fi must be included in negotiated rate
  • Urban/City Destination fee (where applicable) must be included in the negotiated rate
  • Room cancellation policy: The Participating Properties cancellation policy shall be suitable for international business travelers (e.g., noon, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM, 24Hr,)


Preferred Hotel Group, Inc. Brand Partnership Participation Fee: $1,500 USD

(+2.5% on transactions & US $1.75 per Room Night)


Optional GBT Middle Market Hotel Program – Marketing Opportunity

Open only to Suppliers participating in the Program on a global basis. Participating Properties must offer, on a complimentary basis, breakfast and Wi-Fi PLUS a minimum of 2 value-added services as described below. Hotels also participating in the GBT Middle Market Hotel Program may only submit dynamic rates for that program with a minimum 15% discount off BAR.


Late Submissions: Please contact Lenora Minassian with any questions at or dial +1 949 719 3345

*Participation fees will be invoiced directly by Preferred Hotel Group, Inc. – Late Fee of $400 Applies