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CWTSatoTravel’s Government Rates Hotel Program reaches a diverse hotel booking audience of U.S. military and government travelers.

Considered the largest buyer of travel, the U.S. military and government market is becoming more sophisticated in making travel arrangements and selecting hotels.

Hotels represent a core part of our business, and we strive to increase hotel bookings for you, our valued hotel partners, while meeting our clients’ expectations. Our experienced agents are trained on the Government Rates Hotel Program and to request hotel bookings with every reservation.

Our clients depend on us to provide the best rates and value adds in every destination and at every hotel type. They look to us to help them optimize hotel spend, reduce ancillary fees and enhance the overall travel experience. This is only possible with your valuable content.

Through your participation in the CWTSatoTravel hotel program, we are able to provide hotels the opportunity to increase hotel volume as well as meet our clients’ needs by offering a robust portfolio allowing them to successfully complete their missions and save money.

We welcome you to our 2021 hotel program.

Additional Company Information:

How To Work This Account:

2021 CWTSato Travel Requirements:

  • Rate Type: Must be U.S. federal government per diem or lower
  • Participating properties must ensure submitted rates are equal to or less than the lowest rate provided to any other federal government entity
  • Cancel Policy: 4 p.m. or later, same day; 24 hours for non U.S. properties U.S. and U.S. territory properties must submit a valid FEMA code
  • Rates must be commissionable at 10% for the entire length of stay
  • Include value-added items, such as complimentary access to fitness center, parking, breakfast and internet, in the rate to generate increased interest
  • Early Departure Policy: Participants in this program will not charge early departure or cancellation fees.
  • A full list of our terms & conditions can be found in the 2021 RFP packet.


Participation Fee: US $700


Late Submissions: Please contact Lenora Minassian with any questions at or dial +1 949 719 3345

*Participation fees will be invoiced directly by Preferred Hotel Group, Inc.