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BCD Travel generated over $5 billion in hotel spend for 2019 with over 31 million room nights. BCD Travel supports over 2 million business travelers around the globe. Over 90% of the overall BCD Travel hotel bookings in 2019 were corporate travelers. Stay by BCD Travel™, our complete hotel solution, helps clients build hotel savings through innovative approaches. At the same time, these approaches help you attract more bookings and a larger share of discretionary hotel spend.

Participating in BCD Travel's Global Hotel programs gives you visibility in our client-facing and agent-facing technology.  Your participation in the BCD Global Hotel Program also gives you the opportunity for inclusion in our client's preferred hotel programs.

Program Benefits: 

  • Global Distribution
  • Property basic information, services and amenities listed in BCD Travel’s Online Hotel Directory and TripSource Hotels‡ booking platform
  • Opportunity for inclusion in select client hotel programs enabling you to integrate your rates into our client's preferred programs
  • Internal marketing turning our professionals into your extended sales team
  • Attention-drawing icon in BCD Travel’s TripSource Hotels‡ booking platform
  • Access to targeted advertising opportunities
  • Authorization to load rates in the major GDSs

For the 2021 Global Hotel Program you have the opportunity to choose between Rate Options for participation.

Additional Company Information:

How To Work This Account:

*Participation fees will be invoiced directly by Preferred Hotel Group, Inc.*Participation fees will be invoiced directly by Preferred Hotel Group, Inc.

2021 BCD Travel Hotel Program Requirements:

  • LRA, 10% commission minimum, Maximum of 48HR Cancel, Wi-Fi included.
  • Higher discounts off BAR and higher commission % will enhance your exposure in hotel search results.
  • No minimum stay requirements will be accepted.
  • Static rates are acceptable for properties that do not have the ability to offer dynamic rates, however a dynamic % discount is preferred.
  • All static rates must meet the % off BAR requirement.
  • Participation fees will be billed based on the % discount offered and may vary based on preferred supplier status.


Tiered Pricing by Discount off BAR:

10% off BAR - 10% Commission      $1,295

15% off BAR - 10% Commission      $995

20% off BAR - 10% Commission      $695

25%+ off BAR - 10% Commission    $495

(plus 2.5% on transactions & US $1.65 per RN)


StayClean Certification: StayClean Certification through BCD Hotel Solutions partner StaySafe Hospitality for hotels to demonstrate their infection prevention & control measures against international and regulatory standards. This certification is offered for an additional fee of USD$150, which will be added to the participation fee.        

Additional Marketing Upgrades - being revised and will be shared once finalized.


Late Submissions: Please contact Lenora Minassian with any questions at consortiasales@preferredhotels.com or dial +1 949 719 3345

*Participation fees will be invoiced directly by Preferred Hotel Group, Inc.