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Our OTA Direct Connectivity tools market hotel rates and inventory to all major Online Travel
Agencies (OTA) as well as many local, regional, and niche market sites, giving your property exposure
to millions of online travel buyers. This automated solution gives you the flexibility to enact distinct
rate strategies for each channel via a single Central Reservation System (CRS). The platform includes
nearly all of the top OTA sites including Expedia,, Ctip, Agoda, and more.


Our Direct Connectivity tools can be set up with a variety of specialized features including:
• Integrated, maximum ARI (Availability, Rates, and Inventory)
• Reservation delivery from all partners
• Merchant or commission model based on partner (local agreement required)
• Transaction or flat bundled fees
• Improved placement on major OTAs
• Strategic OTA partners
• With IDS (DHISCO) partners, quick and easy set-up
• Broad distribution to hundreds of regional players (ARI and reservation delivery limitations apply)
• Channel manager integration also available separately (refer to Interface document for more details)


Efficiency in channel management
Simplify availability, rate, and inventory (ARI) updates and avoid updating multiple extranets

Minimize manual distribution errors
Add an interface that includes reservation delivery from SynXis CRS to the hotel PMS, and uploads ARI decisions from the PMS to CRS

Control your presence across all channels
Ensure data accuracy with a single point of entry that enables opening/closing availability quickly across multiple channels while improving integrity of rate, availability, and customer booking information simultaneously

Increase and optimize global reach and low periods
Reduce reliance on room allocations by offering global, regional, and local booking sites access to inventory. As well, aggressively market on third-party sites in soft periods and choose which OTAs access last room availability

Utilize separate rate strategies by channel with derived rates, promotional pricing, and yield
management tools
Strategic yielding to optimize bookings and performance


Inquire through your Preferred Hotels & Resorts Director of Revenue Account Management for further details on pricing and setup


How long does it take to connect an OTA?
Every OTA is a different website that has unique content needs – for rates, room types, and hotel descriptions. Not all OTAs are able to handle all of the revenue management restrictions or policies that are out there. While we hope to get connections done within a week, allow yourself at least 35 days for any new OTA player.

Are there any major OTAs not represented with this tool?

Hundreds of OTAs are represented, in addition to all the “major” OTAs including and and their family of sites, as well as Ctrip, Destinations of the World, Agoda, and HotelTonight. Refer to PreferredNet or ask your Director of Revenue Account Management for a complete list.

Do I get improved site placement using this?

Having a direct connection means the OTA has access to all of your inventory – real time. This means that you are naturally placed ahead of other hotels that work through extranets or indirect connections because the OTA is getting more access.

Why should I select OTA Direct Connectivity over an extranet or channel manager?

Extranets require constant updating, taking up valuable time and opening up potential for over/under booking and rate parity issues. While channel managers can be useful, as with any integration, these are never perfect; there are limited revenue management functions and reservation delivery may be imperfect. Direct connectivity is a one-to-one mapping directly to the OTA, allowing for near seamless booking capabilities.

What is my turnaround time?
Please refer to our chart with turnaround times for varied services.   


List of OTAs with Direct Connectivity (last updated Oct 2018 - go to Sabre Support Portal under Knowledge/Job Aid: Channel Connect List for recently updated list)


Visit and search for the list of available OTAs, or contact

When you are ready to connect and have an agreement signed by the OTA, then contact to get started.

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