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Our solution is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for hotels to directly communicate with guests throughout the customer lifecycle to motivate and ensure engagement, retention, and conversion.


Our Customer Relationship Management tool allows for a variety of proactive outreach and engagement tools and services to anyone entered into the PMS system including:

• Custom email options based on set hotel-directed parameters
• Reservation confirmation
• Pre-stay email to confirm arrival details, promote restaurant specials, spa offers, area entertainment, and more
• Post-stay thank you email
• Customized templates designed for the hotel
• Online comment card providing instant feedback and monthly reporting to the hotel
• Promotional campaigns based on past-stay history


Turnkey solution for hotel to begin CRM
Instant access and ability to converse and manage guest relations from multiple mediums (reservation confirmation, pre-stay emails, thank you emails, and more)

Multiple points of contact with guest to build ongoing relationships
Opportunity to develop engagement, bolster retention, and increase conversion through targeted outreach based on stay patterns and history

Fully customizable templates
Capture all the look and feel nuances of your brand, promotions, or marketing materials


Monthly fees per room per month as low as US$2.00 €2.00 £1.30
Monthly minimum US$300 €225 £200
Implementation fees are waived exclusively for Preferred Hotels & Resorts member hotels.

*Prices are subject to change. Please contact Digital Alchemy for a direct quote.


Is there an implementation fee?
No. Preferred Hotels & Resorts member hotels get a waiver of implementation fees as part of your membership. 

Do I require a database tool to engage?
No. Digital Alchemy will work directly with your PMS to pull data and analyze the best options for your customer.

If I have no existing database, can a CRM assist in creating parameters to capture insights?

Of course, Digital Alchemy will look at your types of customers to create the right communication methods to generate traffic and bookings – this is their specialty.

Which PMS products does the product interface with?

Digital Alchemy works with all major PMS vendors such as Opera by Oracle, Springer Miller, and Visual One/LMS. Ask Digital Alchemy if your PMS is covered.

Why do I need a CMS – doesn’t my PMS or CRS deliver emails?

While they deliver confirmations and pre/post-stay messages, a CMS looks at your data to deliver more relevant messages to your customers. This isn’t just a confirmation – this includes compelling messaging for customers to act and book your hotel, restaurant, or spa based on that specific content.



Please contact your Preferred Hotels & Resorts Director of Revenue Account Management for more information.

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