Case Studies: PR & Social Media

Hotel Public Relations - Amerikalinjen

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An architectural landmark turned boutique hotel, Amerikalinjen officially opened its doors in Oslo, Norway, on March 15, 2019. While Amerikalinjen was in a prime position to launch due to increased visibility and promotion of Oslo in the travel media world, along with increased air flight options from the United States, there was difficulty in obtaining a unique independence in the increasingly competitive hotel market. In January 2019, Amerikalinjen tasked PHG Consulting with generating awareness of the hotel’s prominent opening among target media and consumer audiences across the United States, with a goal of positioning the hotel as the number one new hotel destination to visit in 2019 through dedicated editorial coverage on the imminent opening.


Key results included the arrangement and execution of seven meetings and interviews between Commercial Director Martin Andersen and top editors in New York City, including journalists from Travel + Leisure, Shape, New York Observer, Luxury Travel Advisor, Hotel Management, TIME and Women’s Health; the facilitation of a comprehensive press release distribution surrounding the grand opening on March 15, 2019, which was shared with more than 1,000 target travel, lifestyle, and trade media across the United States; securement of 12 media placements featuring Amerikalinjen in outlets including TIME, Luxury Travel Advisor,,,,,,, and, reaching an estimated audience of over 81 million with an approximate ad value exceeding $419,000 for an ROI on the project of approximately 167:1; coverage also included selection of Amerikalinjen as one of TIME magazine's 2019 World's Greatest Places, due to conversations during and after desk-side meeting with the outlet’s Editorial Director.

Hotel Public Relations - The K Club

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A historic and internationally renowned resort, The K Club combines old world elegance with luxury accommodations, contemporary amenities, and a variety of unique outdoor pursuits. Over the years, the resort has received positive feedback and attention from the travel trade community, but consumer and media awareness of the property and its wider offerings beyond golf has remained relatively low. As a result, upscale travelers, particularly those in the United States and Canada, were not considering The K Club or its premier private home accommodation, Straffan House, when planning leisure trips to Ireland. Further, a neighboring resort that was set to be a major competitor in rate and consumer appeal was about to open, and the resort needed to ensure it stayed top-of-mind. Therefore, in November 2017, The K Club tasked PHG Consulting with creating awareness among new audiences and market segments across the United States and Canada with a goal of positioning The K Club and Straffan House as one of Ireland’s most exclusive travel experiences, and garnering coverage of the hotel’s unique attributes and activities outside of golf.

Key Results

Key results included the securement of seven journalists to attend the FAM trip from top-tier luxury publications including Town & Country, DuJour, Ocean Drive Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, New York Observer, New York Daily News, and Montecristo; the securement of seven meetings for the New York City desk-side tour with editors from Forbes, FATHOM, Women’s Health, Luxury Travel Advisor, Smart Meetings, Parents Magazine, and Esquire, providing the chance for CEO Michael Davern to share an overview of the property, current news, and its key selling points while identifying and pursuing editorial opportunities; the facilitation of more than 700,000 social media impressions due to posts generated during the media FAM trip; and the securement of 75 media placements featuring The K Club and Straffan House through targeted pitches to media, including a prominent feature in The New York Times Sunday Travel section; ultimately, the project generated 305 million editorial media impressions with an approximate ad value in excess of $4.3 million, resulting in an ROI of 203:1.


Hotel Public Relations - Hotel Nikko

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In December 2016, Hotel Nikko was preparing to undergo a three-month, $60 million renovation, and was seeking representation in France as part of its awareness mission to attract more European clientele with its new product and positioning. The hotel had attempted to research and identify agencies based in Paris who had experience representing hotels in the United States, but was running into complications finding an agency who had the right experience and was willing to manage a short-term project with specific inclusions. After consulting the hotel on its needs and discussing the division’s capabilities, specifically the in-market and in-language experience of its team members,  Hotel Nikko San Francisco contracted PHG Consulting to deliver a four-month media outreach campaign that would boost French travel consumer awareness of the property’s renovation and subsequent March 2017 relaunch, as well as foster face-to-face engagement with targeted journalists, extend invitations for FAM trips to the property, and create visibility for both the property and San Francisco in key consumer travel, lifestyle, business travel and trade media outlets.

Key Results

Hotel Nikko’s relaunch marked the property’s 30th anniversary and coincided with the city of San Francisco’s 50th anniversary celebrations of the Summer of Love, creating an additional news angle. Key results included the securement and attendance from 13 top-tier consumer, business travel, and trade journalists at a dedicated media lunch – five more than the minimum required; securement and execution of four key consumer and trade journalist meetings for the individual desksides, including the features editor from AD – Architectural Digest France(Condé Nast) – one more than the minimum required; securement of 12 articles promoting Hotel Nikko San Francisco and the Summer of Love festivities in targeted print and online media before the project’s end, reaching an estimated audience of almost 4 million with an approximate ad value exceeding $21,000; and the organization of one high-profile media stay and another in progress before the project’s end.


Hotel Public Relations - Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

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Set on 2,700 acres of vineyards, olive groves, and lakes in Tuscany, Toscana Resort Castelfalfi comprises Hotel Il Castelfalfi - TUI BLUE SELECTION, a member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts L.V.X. Collection; Hotel La Tabaccaia; and luxury villas and farmhouses to purchase or rent. Launched in 2007 by TUI Group, the eco-sustainable resort built around a medieval village includes the region’s largest championship golf course, wildlife reserve, state-of-the-art wellness facilities, and restaurants in the Tuscan tradition. The resort’s extensive offering had been popular with travelers from neighboring European countries, and counted the United Kingdom as its fourth biggest market, but there was significant opportunity to increase media visibility and generate bookings in the United States - a key feeder market for Italy. As such, Toscana Resort Castelfalfi engaged PHG Consulting in 2019 to manage its public relations strategy and outreach in both the United States and the United Kingdom with the goal to expand awareness of the resort across the wellness, golf, sustainability-focused, and luxury travel media segments.

Key Results

PHG Consulting was initially tasked to carry out a six-month transatlantic media awareness campaign between April and September 2019, which, after considerable success, was rolled into a full annual retainer starting in October 2019. After taking over the management of Toscana Castelfalfi Resort’s public relations efforts in the United States and the United Kingdom, PHG Consulting accomplished the following results: the generation of 34 million editorial media impressions across both markets with an approximate ad value in excess of $150,000; the securement of 50+ media placements across both markets through strategic media outreach, incorporating press releases and tailored pitches; the securement of six top-tier journalists and content creators to attend the first U.K. group media FAM in October 2019 in exchange for dedicated reviews in publications such as Country and Town House, Tatler, Psychologies, and The London Economic; securement of eight appointments with targeted New York City-based editors and writers for deskside meetings in February 2019, including meeting with Women’s Health, Condé Nast Traveler, Business Insider, Travel + Leisure, CNN Travel, and Marie Claire; and the securement of nine media appointments with targeted London-based editors and writers for deskside meetings in March 2019 with publications including Condé Nast Traveller, Abode2, Mayfair Times, Women & Golf, and The London Evening Standard.

Social Media Project - Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa and The Alpina Gstaad


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Two acclaimed hotels in Switzerland – Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne and The Alpina Gstaad –engaged PHG Consulting to invite social media influencers from the United Kingdom and United States to experience the ultimate Switzerland itinerary via a dedicated, collaborative, two-part FAM trip. The goal of the trip was to promote travel to the hotels during summer months, specifically highlighting their respective wellness features and positioning both properties as ideal retreat getaways. As a result, PHG Consulting successfully addressed and exceeded the hotels’ objectives by executing a thoughtfully curated social influencer FAM trip.

Key Results

Key results included: Three (3) social media influencers secured to participate, all agreeing to specific deliverables; 45 social media posts tagged with the official trip hashtag, #PHRinSwitzerland; 1.8 million viewers reached through social content and tags; 5.8 million potential impressions; 1,239 average engagement (likes and comments) per post; 50+ Instagram story posts dedicated to The Alpina Gstaad and 25+ posts dedicated to Royal Savoy; Two comprehensive blog post reviews of hotel experiences on (approximately 10,000 unique visitors per month combined); The Alpina Gstaad featured in an Instagram story by @TravelChannel (1.9 million followers), achieving 35k-40k average views per story post; Photos from The Alpina Gstaad reposted by influential accounts including @beautifulhotels (3.2million followers), (214.3k followers), and (716.1kfollowers); Photo from Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne shared by travel publication AFAR Magazine’s Instagram account (242k followers).